Relationships are the gems; studded in your jewellery called “Life.”

We value relationships and people more than any other materialistic things in the world. We find our existence because of the relationships we cherish in our lives.

Being born as a daughter, son, brother or sister, we add many other relations on the way of our growth. We at times categorize each of our relation to be primary or secondary.

Our parents, siblings, spouses and our children get the central positions. Whereas our friends, relatives, acquaintances hold the second position.

Amidst many such relations, we all must have that particular relationship in our life which we name a “relationship”. That particular person is that extra bit of our lives.

Sometimes in the form of a love affair, or at times in the way of marriage we accept that relation, having a unique mark in our lives.

Whatever it may be or whatever is the position of a relationship, it faces some ups and downs. Sometimes we feel stuck in the quicksand of the responsibilities towards those relationships.

We, most of us are aware of the term “taking a break.” Taking break means to stay aloof from something. It can be your work, hobbies or even relationships.

Taking a break from the relationships where we are not committed seems to be easy. What about those, from which we can’t even think of taking a break?

But let me tell you something. Before anything else and before any relationship, you are someone which is constant for yourself. You are the centre of the relationship in your life. All the relationships are because you exist. Thus if you think it’s a sin to think about taking a break, I tell you to let’s do it.

How a Break Helps You In Manifold Ways?

Taking a break doesn’t mean you are entirely getting detached to your relationships. Nor does that mean that you need to have a decay in your heart to take a break.

Taking a break is as simple as extracting one of your wisdom teeth, which is not going to refrain you from having an enjoyable chewing experience. Instead, it will accumulate the process.

I have seen lots of people, who fight in their relationships. After having a long round of fight people choose to ignore each other for a while. When the communication resumes the bitterness of the fight stays undamaged.

Do you want to have such relationships in your life, where you have to carry the burdens of bitterness? I am sure you don’t.

So let me tell you why I am supporting the concept of taking a break and how that is going to work for you.

Taking a Break Makes You Mindful:

We want to become more productive every day, aren’t we? We play to be professional and think of not carrying our personal life to our workplace and vice versa. But do we execute the same?

If you are unable to do so, then you are in no way different. After all, we are humans, and we have emotions.

Taking a break from your relationship will gift you enough space and time for yourself. Be honest and tell me, do you invest the same amount of time talking to yourself, as you do to your boyfriend or spouse?

I am sure you gonna say a “No.” We don’t spend enough time in intrapersonal communication but taken from we get up in the morning till we sleep again, the interpersonal communications have no end, is it?

The more we communicate with ourselves, the more mindful we become. Being mindful is not being spiritual or not like chanting. It is like giving enough nourishment to your own mind with positive vibes, dreams, and energies.

You get to understand what you want in your life. You can calculate the balance of what you want and what you have. You can quantify your hard work and your skills.

A mindful person knows that there are many ways to tackle a relationship. When you are mindful, “giving up” omits itself from your dictionary of life.

Taking a Break Creates More Value In Relationships:

Taking a break doesn’t mean spying the other person without his/her concern. You can’t lie to yourself while in a break.

Instead, taking a break means to enjoy your space and giving the other person his/her part of space. You are free to do whatever you like and so is the other person.

We in a relationship are quite very much available for each other, isn’t it? We take the promise of “being by the side of each other” very seriously and end up getting bored with each other.

It may sound funny, but it is a fact you can’t deny. If you are a partner who doesn’t like to complain much, don’t you ever think like, “Oh god! Why I am here?”

I know you do. I have researched the emotions of many such people who are into a relationship for a long time now. They say that they feel trapped in an emotional fence right after they finish fighting with their spouse or boyfriend.

If we see the same person around us, in our phone display or even on the laptop screen; it’s more than evident that you will get diluted from the feelings you have for him/her.

Taking a break helps you to understand the value of the person in your life. Remember whether love stays or not, the value for each other must be intact.

You must know why and where the person you love matters to you the most and where you must maintain a gap.

Taking A Break Lets You Decide What Is Essential:

At the end of the day, what matters most is peace or say happiness. We stay happy with the person we love. We love to stay with the person who keeps us happy.

Happiness has a lot to do with love and relationship. Would you prefer such a relationship where you are ignored and feel lonely? You don’t need to answer it, because none of us will.

Even though many people face this kind of relationship, they find it hard to reach a conclusion. A conclusion which gives two options; whether to stay or not?

If you and your partner are in such a state from where you can’t see anything in the front, this is the right time to take a break. You don’t have to forget the person completely. You don’t have to feel bad about yourself.

You need to give yourself enough time to decide your priorities. Is the relationship giving you strength? Or the relationship is your major weakness?

It is always important to decide your priority list. Things which are equally important must be prioritized according to the time. So you must determine what is most essential for you right now?

If you are thinking of a break already, then you must prepare your to-do-list. You must gather all the points a relationship gives you or takes from you.

If you are in a relationship where you are giving away the basics of your life, like your happiness, dreams, and values, then the relationship is not just a perfect thing to go a long way.

The relationship which gives you equal or more of those things, I call that to be a perfect one.

Taking decisions is crucial, and you can’t decide anything just being whimsical. You need to do more research on yourself and your relationship to get a better and countable result.

Taking A Break Adds More Spirit To Relationships:

Think of being on a diet for some illness. Think when your doctor says to stay away from cheese for a longer time.

Now think of the day when you are allowed to have cheese for the first time after a long interval.

Any difference? A lot!

You feel much excited, much happiness and you feel complete. That is what goes with our relationship too.

A break can do more to rejuvenate our relationship. You like meeting daily with the person you love. Accepted!

But think what if he is on a business trip and you got to meet him/her after a few days?

What do you feel like? Go running, jumping over and hugging tightly or kissing every inch? That is what happens when you stay apart.

A break gives you enough time to think about your relationship. If you have created good memories until today, it gives you a thousand pokes to go running and live those once again.

But if you have resentments and grieves, will you love to go back?

Sometimes we need to care about the relationship despite many those grudges.

You get enough time to decide which is more essential for you too; forgiving or forgetting? In either case, you find an entirely new aspect of life.

If you choose to forgive, you learn the lesson of accepting the person for his/her flaws. If you want to forget, you gain the experience of allowing the rigidity of your life. That you are not bending in any circumstances and it is you which is most important.


So now when you know why and when to take a break, it’s the time to make one. Go pack your bags; go out and live some days for yourself.

Enjoy your life, accept love and reciprocate. I promise you when you will be back, you will understand the change. A change which will help you to gain many things in life.

Relationships are important. But it is even more important to stay happy in every relationship. Don’t let your life experience friction. Stop, repair and start again. You are born to go a long way. Stay happy!


  1. I may sound crazy, but I had real dificulty in many aspects of life , relations… Your words are like a guide to follow thing. hope others also can find the path the way i did. You have given a different approach to look at things. I would wait for your next blog actually curious to see what you might unfold next…and at the end I must not forgot to mention, you are truely an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….mazing writer..keep pouring your words in our wine glass.

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