I am always a jealous person. I feel incredibly uncomfortable when I realize that things or people around me are just better than what I possess.

It makes me feel insecure for a period and later I start self-questioning myself. I ask my potential that if I have enough of it to get what is making me feel so? If not, then what all will it need to get me that?

It is wrong; isn’t it? Because I was taught that I must learn to appreciate others for what they have better in them, but I can’t be jealous.

“Jealousy” the term is indeed a taboo for your mental well-being. It is when you can’t help yourself to feel good about someone for being better than you some way.

A person with green eyes is never welcomed to our life. Most of the crime series we savor watching on television, have ‘jealousy’ as the one or one of other factors behind obliging those.

It is said that there is no cure for a jealous person. Jealousy makes you do things which are awful and not adequate. Well, true that! Jealousy is a substantial character flaw, and you can’t help yourself just by being jealous.

Then what? If you can’t help yourself from being jealous, then let’s know the positive aspects of being jealous.

Really? Jealousy can be positive too?

Well, yes! Why not? Jealousy is completely fine if you use the most of it to structure your future self.  Jealousy is nothing but a sheer emotion like many others. So if you guide your jealous person inside you positively, there is nothing that can stop you from breaking glass ceilings. 


If you are self-satisfied, nothing can be better than that feeling. A self-satisfied person feels complete about him/herself. You must be happy with what you have and whatever you do.

But think, if you are a growth-seeking person and is self-satisfied, how both the things will satisfy each other on the same platform?

On the other hand, a jealous person finds new goals to chase. Jealousy gives them an understanding of the world that exists outside their satisfaction.

Jealousy makes you completely uncomfortable about what you have while knowing that there are a lot many things to achieve, and what you have now is not the best in the world.

You start planning new goals for yourself. It is always the best choice to choose the circle, where people are better than you. It might be very uncomfortable knowing that you are not the best one. But trust me, it will push you towards being the best.


When you are doing unquestionably accurate being in your comfort zone, you stay blissful. But in the meanwhile when you see other persons around you achieving more success, will you be satisfied the same way?

Maybe yes! Maybe undeniably not!

In the case, you are not that happy, and the fire of jealousy is starting to spur inside you, you got the factor. The factor of motivation.

Jealousy inspires you in many ways. It pushes you till the destination is not reached. You can’t reach any goal without being motivated. When you set your goals higher than what you achieved earlier, things will be different. Your life will be like never before.

You will feel a new spark to reach the new destinations, one after another, which created greed inside you. Interesting right?


Imagine your friends are planning to visit Rome. Your cousins are shopping in Dubai. You are still sitting and managing your ledgers to count your EMIs left. How is the ‘josh’?

It’s absolutely low. You will feel pretty depraved and miserable about yourself. Jealousy makes you more focused on your priorities too.

At the same time when you try to earn as much as you need, many are working out of their comfort level to accomplish their dreams.

When you are a jealous person, you don’t settle for the least. You have higher ambitions, arranged dreams and moreover, a priority least which is much bigger than your satisfied-in-little friends.


There is no other good teacher than jealousy is. Your jealousy brings you face-to-face with your real self. Your imperfections, deficiencies and potentials are defined in another way.

If looking at the display picture of your “oh, so hot” friend makes you humiliated, and you comment negatively, then stop! You are not doing any good, or maybe your jealousy is directing you destructively.

But if you pick your gymming tools from the very next day, not because you want to compete with him/her, but you know that being fit is essential and healthy, you have controlled your jealousy like a boss.

In the comparison of what you have and what can be achieved, you can calculate where you need to work on yourself and where you are stopping your own self from reaching where you want to be.

It’s not a meagre comparison you do with others, but you compare between your present self and where you want to see yourself after a few years.


The germ of jealousy is not easy to reap as it is while sowing. The girth of its roots become firmer eventually when you start reaching new destinations.

The influences which make you jealous change according to your position and attained goals. For example, if your owned a Chevrolet previously and purchased an Audi later, you won’t feel insecure with the person owning an economical rather good hatchback. But you will certainly feel jealous looking at a person who is possessing a personal jet.

New approaches and new windows get opened when you follow your jealous self to do something bigger, and your growth evolves with multiple branches at once.

No, I am absolutely not provoking you to be jealous. Because everybody has a little bit of J-factor in themselves. The tricky part is that we stop ourselves from accepting our jealousy and convince our mind that we can’t achieve the same which the other person may have.

We boundarize our dreams and destinations thinking that less is more. We must stay happy with what we have. But then I want to ask you, why not to achieve all that you can get, just by doing a little extra?

It is absolutely reasonable to stay happy with what you achieved, and you must appreciate yourself for all that. But if you feel jealous about something or someone, don’t your jealousy be just a negative feeling and don’t keep that inside you either.

Hustle, run, do awful things- but bag new achievements. Stay happy. Keep your jealous-self awake and positive.

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