I have seen people look for “Peace of Mind” here and there in their surroundings. Many people invest time since they wake up in the morning and participate in various physical and mental activities to stay calm and in peace of mind, for the rest of the day. They might start their day in a happy note, but do every one of them come back home with the same peaceful smile in their face at the end of the day? If you overlooked the difference, then start with evaluating your own happiness routine on a regular basis, and I bet you that you will find a visible difference between the same “You” in between the time when you kick start and end up your day.

By being engaged in some activities or by spending quality times with your close ones, watching a movie or listening to music might give you momentary happiness but does that really stay for a long extent? If your answer is a huge “No,” then you must stop your practice of looking for “Peace of mind” outside and start glancing inside your own and find the peace of mind you are looking for. You can even carry that freshly discovered peace in your wallets like any other vital thing you carry with you, like your debit or credit card, or your favorite lip balm. You can even swipe your “peace of mind card” smartly and recharge it whenever you feel the need. Let me tell you how;

Chant and meditate regularly:

It is commonly seen that people prefer to start their day either with meditating or chanting, and that is unquestionably a good exercise. But is an hour or less of meditation or chanting enough to keep you motivated and peaceful for the entire day?

Chanting and meditating must not be only your morning routine, but you must include meditation and chant at more than a few intervals of your daily routine. Chanting gives you immense confidence whereas meditation helps to keep your mind and soul calm and thus you can achieve an organized attitude towards everything you encounter. Take small intervals like 15 minutes or so, in between your working time or leisure and repeat the same in every 2-3 hours. This way you not only revive your lost energy but will also become more productive than what you are now.

Ignore unnecessary arguments:

Be it with your friends, relatives, family or boss; if you can’t stand anything wrong happening around you, or if you are a kind of a person who takes a dig and gets tangled into arguments and quarrels very quickly, then I would like to say a single word, “Stop”!

Every single time when an event that provokes you to fume with anger, give yourself some seconds and sketch the purposes of your participation in the debate or argument. If you are arguing to prove yourself right in front of any other person, then what will you gain after proving so, or what will you lose if you fail to prove so? If the balance of gain or loss is as insignificant as zero, I would suggest you pay no attention and move on. Remember people will judge you from their own point of view or awareness of judgment, which have nothing to do with what you are in reality. So, chill!!

Don’t interfere in others’ lives:

If you love to gossip or much keen to know about what is happening around you, or you love to know about personal experiences of your friends and acquaintances, then you are merely pushing yourself into the pit of conflict and blues.

If you are more likely to interfere in others’ lives, you are going to get the same in return, and that is as true as any other universal truth. If someone keeps a watch in every step you take or track your whereabouts and if that takes your peace of mind and you start feeling uncomfortable with that, then ask yourself are you following any same practice with others too? If yes, then this is the high time to draw the frontier line around your own zeal to know about others.

Stay organized and calm:

An orderly and peaceful life offers you much peace than a life full of flurries. Recall the moment when you can’t find your car keys or your mobile phone which is in silent mode, and you are in a hurry to rush to your office; you can even sense the disturbance just by recalling that. An organized and calm life can give you everything that you aspire to achieve. Staying organized teaches you to be patient and escalates your decision making quality and amplifies your thoughts to be able to think differently and helps you to evaluate every single matter from multiple angles.

Stay away from toxic people:

If you have multiple friends to be a very essential part of your life, then you are indeed a blessed one. But don’t forget that every people who come to your life don’t uphold the same sentiments or don’t keep the same approach towards you, as you do. Some people might have the tendency to unnecessary drag you to their own glitches or even push you towards such events which may lead to unpleasant consequences. 

So if at any point if you find any of these friends or acquaintance being a barrier between you and the peace of mind you are longing for, don’t give it a second thought, but consider the time to be the high time to be relieved of that toxic bond. It is definitely hard to do such action so rapidly, but you need to stay alert and be faithful to yourself in that case.

Join Happiness Programs frequently:

There are many spiritual and mental health organizations which bring together many Happiness Programs repeatedly and invite people to be a part of such programs. If you at any moment get any such opportunity, don’t miss to seize that. These programs are fundamentally intended to make you mindful and help you in creating a positive approach towards life and uplift your inward level of peace of mind.


Well, you can’t stay in peace of mind, keeping others in wretchedness or even you can’t expect from others to be the purpose for your happiness every often. All you need to do is to promise yourself that whatever may it comes, you will not allow that to breach your inner peace. Like eating, sleeping and working, consider “Staying Happy” a part of your daily routine and feed your mind that you can’t live without breathing happiness inside, you will definitely notice that you will achieve the power of staying controlled and peaceful even staying among the abyss of disharmony. Stay Happy and don’t forget to carry your “peace of mind card” with you.


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