You deserve a life; a happy and blissful one! Things will come and go, will give you good and bad experiences.

Peoples will come and go, will create good and bad marks in your mind and soul. Would you stop? No! Cause life will go on anyways.

It is not always about either you deserve a happy life or not, but you are authorized to get one.

We read thousands of self-help books, we follow the more significant and the greatest influencers to know how to deal with our life. At the end “How to live a blissful life” is all we want to hear.

We ask our friends, visit the counsellors when the problems start to get chronic, but you know what, being happy is the simplest and only help you can do to yourself.

Now you might be having the question or even might feeling like asking me “are you happy?”

If I say yes, I will not lie to you but will also lie to myself. But one thing I am sure about is that I have learned the tactics of being happy anyways.

And you know what, improvement has no destination. Thus I am working on my happiness and also want you to do the same with me.

Let me share with you the astonishing secrets that I follow to keep myself happy and feel blissful.

Ignore things that distract you:

Seriously! Am I talking about this? Yes! Because I know how difficult it is to stay away from distractions. Your distraction can be anything: your favorite game, any movie series, daily soaps, your buzzing mobile or just your disturbing boyfriend. Oh No! But I listed all those essential things. Aren’t they? Of course, they are, but do they worth to cost your peace? No, right?

Absolutely! I want to suggest you not to fly away from all the distractions from the very morning. Start with fixing or allocating a particular time for all other curriculums. Plan to talk to your friends and boy/girlfriend(s) at a specific time, reply to your social butterflies only when you have some extra time to spend in leisure.

What’s more?

Forgive More Often:

The phase of forgiving someone came when you got hurt by someone. Or someone really did severely bad to you. It is hard. It is intimidating. It is not easy, but it is essential.

You can’t forgive someone who broke your trust. Or can’t overlook the one who suddenly turned out to be a person entirely different for you. But can you really bear the burden of those stigmatic relations?

You can’t. That is even harder. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you have to forget what they did to you. But if you consider their action to be their habit or personality, things will be pretty straightforward. Carrying grudges take more space of your heart. Instead, choose to ignore and be cautious for your future.

Be patient while trying something new:

We, most of us are very result oriented. We judge the pace of work by the quantity of the job done. We calculate the effectiveness of time according to the amount of money we earn. After all “Time is equal to money” isn’t that? I can’t deny the fact that utilizing your time in a better way can get you financial stability, but understand the truth better.

There are multiple phases of everything that you start. Be it a new work, relationship or merely a new face pack. Being a novice, if you wish to win everything exists, then I must say, I have ride unicorn years back. Funny!

The beginning of anything new can be challenging and unlike. Whenever you feel like quitting, breath and think about your goals. Even if it seems to be the same, I will suggest you take control of your speed. Divide your works into small targets and then start again. Sorted?

Chase your passion:

I know you are taught that being good at study will bring you good money. Absolutely correct, and who doesn’t need money? Everyone does, right? But let me tell you, that there is a delicate and ignorable line between “Things you do” and “Things you enjoy doing.”  The first one satisfies your needs, your desires, your hunger and the second one; satisfies your vision, your soul and the meaning of your life.

Here I would like to share a little part of my life. I had a Science background in my schooling. My family wanted me to become a doctor. But can you introduce me with one such doctor, who has achieved the degree, reading novels but not subject books? Impossible! Becoming a writer or a blogger was my passion, which convinced me to take my further educations in Media studies and Psychology further.

Your Job can indeed pay you as you expect: financially or mentally. But trust me, your passion can give you beyond what you expect. Follow your passion with all your heart and soul and see there is more life, even after the end.

Be empathetic to others:

Empathy means having an understanding of the feelings of another person. You can think and do well to others, only when you are empathetic enough. Think, if you visit a doctor and he/she writes down the name of a few medicines, way before you have completed sharing all your problems. Will you feel good?

Being empathetic to others makes you the right person by heart. You don’t have to fly away with the emotion of the other person. But if you be able to feel the same way, the other person might be feeling, makes you more understanding and mature.

You become more solution-centric when you practice empathy.

Set your Priority List:

Having a priority list makes you more organized and competent. If you believe in doing things as they come, then you might feel like you are the busiest. But when you will sit calmly and analyze your work speed, you may get disappointed.

Setting a priority list is simple. Check the works you have to do. You can’t gobble everything that is on your plate. Be thoughtful and decide the importance of each task and arrange them in order.

Doing crucial things fast and followed to the least important once will save you more energy and time to do other stuff. Every successful person set their priority list every day. That way they get to know the works they have for the day, and at the end, they can analyze themselves better.

Love Unconditionally:

There is nothing more precious than unconditional love. The world might be harsh, but you are not. Feed your mind every day with the fact that you can change every bad, with a touch of love.

Being unconditional means, not to expect in return of what you give. Giving love is simple. Talk to everyone humbly, control your tone and think from the best of your mind.

Unconditional love has the power of reciprocating faster. When you start loving unconditionally, you begin feeling the positivity in yourself. Things stop to bother you, and you start living your life to the fullest.

Expect Less:

If I suggest you to stop expecting anything from anyone, I might end up sounding like I am kidding you. You are a human, and somehow, somewhere you will definitely be dependent on others.

Technically if you see, we are dependent on many things- we are dependent on the authorized department for getting the supply of our daily resources, our home maids for our simple works and many. Dependency is proportional to expectation.

Expecting things are not bad at all. But when it’s beyond your control, and it makes you paralyzed to take your own steps on your own, life becomes more laborious. Try to be independent as much as you breathe. The more dependency you have on others, the more space you get for dissatisfaction and resentments.  

Find Happiness in small things:

If you follow the famous influencers of all time, you will find these lines over their writings, talks, and philosophies. The art of finding happiness can give you lifetime results. If you learn to stay happy even if in crucial situations, you win everything that you wish for,

Small things are defined as owning small yet essential elements, being connected with small yet meaningful groups of people. By sitting on the ground and stretching your hand to touch the moon can get you only one thing “Disappointment”.


Life is simple if you make it worth living. No valuable assets or travelling the whole world can get you happiness and bliss until you learn how to admire what you have. Your happiness is within you. Owning things can get your satisfaction, but happiness has an entirely different definition.

Share what you have in excess, even when all you own is happiness. The power of sharing joy is outstanding. It will get multiplied. Stay happy and enjoy a blissful life. You are not going to have the opportunity to have the same experience twice!

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